Peter Hagemeyer

Public engagement coordinator

Peter Hagemeyer’s background is in economics and business. He joined our research staff in 2016. He shifted roles to public engagement in 2018 — driving Metro Ideas Project’s community outreach efforts. He is a a Counter Culture Coffee certified barista and directs our coffee program. If your organization should get to know MIP, don’t hesitate to contact him.



Steal This Platform

Practical ideas and solutions to confront Hamilton County’s challenges head on.

Ladder leaning against white wall.

Opportunity barriers for Chattanooga youth

Barriers to economic mobility are most acute in the South, where segregation, income inequality, local school quality, and family structure strongly correlate with geographical differences in upward mobility.

Window with bullet holes
Criminal justice

Violence reduction playbook

Finding the right policy is the first step to curbing crime. We break down several popular options.

Hamilton County Chattanooga Courts Building
Criminal justice

A survey of civil gang injunctions

Since 1980, civil gang injunctions have been used to combat gang violence. Studies show that they result in varied outcomes.