Jacqueline Homann

Policy research director

Jacqueline Homann has worked at a number of international and federal institutions. She is a graduate of the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin and holds an M.A. in policy studies.


Hamilton County Courthouse
Open data

Open data in Hamilton County

An open data policy would improve transparency, accountability and efficiency in Hamilton County's government.

Boxes of documents

Follow the money

It costs around $400 million to operate the public school system in Hamilton County, Tennessee. We explore where the money comes from.

Boy holding dollar near window

A simple question

Our series on education spending will examine the per pupil expenditure for each public school in Hamilton County, Tennessee. There are four reasons those spending levels are important to know.

Downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee
Open data

Get to know America's midsize cities

We dive into the American Community Survey, a key data source for policymakers, planners and the public seeking to understand economic and social trends.